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Romeo & Bernadette | Off- Broadway


"Leading the cast through Romeo’s wildly imaginative follow-up story is Michael Notardonato in a stellar New York debut as the Brooklyn Guy and his alter-ego Dino Del Canto... His spot-on moves and dialect, hot looks and charismatic attitude, tuneful voice and underlying heart strike an irresistible balance of parody and humanity and command the stage from the moment the show starts." - DC Metro 

"Most notably, though, it's Notardonato, all cunning humor and machismo, who gives a star-is-born performance." - Garden State



"Highlights include a break out performance by Notardonato who, like a young Vic Damone, blasts open the first act with “Boom! In Love,” a pulsating tour through his little black book. Shortly thereafter he engages in a trio with Burshteyn and Marotta where they seem to compete with each other to achieve the most heavenly harmony. “The play’s the thing,” Shakespeare once advised. But sometimes it’s the performances that matter most." - The Front Row Center

"Notardonato shines with his suave crooning style and stellar acting." - Times Square Chronicles 

Saturday Night Fever  


“Michael Notardonato is our big star here and he is an outstanding Tony. In true Travolta fashion, Notardonato roped us in with his looks and moves from the very beginning and had us rooting for him the whole way. Whether putting on his boogie shoes or igniting a disco inferno, Notardonato carries the production on his theatrical shoulders and dazzles us from start to finish.”…/BWW-Review-SATURDAY-NIGHT-F…

“Michael Notardonato makes the role of Tony seem effortless. A newcomer to the Engeman, Notardonato has also played Tony elsewhere in the U.S. and abroad — he was even nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Musical by the Connecticut Critics Circle for a past performance of the show. Notardonato’s silky vocals and expert footwork are a treat to take in.”…/

“Forget John Travolta. Michael Notardonato will be the name on everyone’s lips after taking in this treat. His Tony Manero is as smooth a dancer as he is adorably comical. Tony may be looking for love while he tries to find himself, but Notardonato is clearly a performer who is as solid as Tony’s multi-layered hairspray. His Brooklyn strut is epic, and when he enters clad in the film’s iconic white suit, it’s immediately clear that his delivery of the choreography in “More Than a Woman” will be melting hearts. One character describes his performance best when she says: ‘It was so hot, it was cruel.’ “

"...the Travolta role of disco-king Tony Manero is taken by Michael Notardonato who has the looks, moves and charms to carry the show handily. Unlike Travolta in the dramatic film which featured dancing to a Bee Gees soundtrack, Notardonato has to sing for his supper, as well as emote and dance the night away. No worries here - Riverside's Tony has strong and expressive pipes and delivers his five numbers stylishly. He truly embodies the restlessness of the 19-year old stuck in a dead end job, frustrated at how his parents treat him, and who lives for those Saturday night's at the 2001 Odyssey, the Brooklyn discotheque that serves as his weekly kingdom." - 



"Boston Conservatory student Michael Notardonato makes Link Larkin the perfect teen idol (with a killer falsetto), whose "It Takes Two" is the first of several show-stoppers." -The Boston Globe


"There were some phenomenal performances, like Michael Notardonato as Link Larkin, whose silky smooth voice and darling bewilderment made for a classic teen idol." -


"Michael Notardonato has set the bar high for anyone who ever wants to play Link Larkin in the future. This Boston Conservatory student had each of the adolescent young ladies in the audience longingly leaning towards the stage each time he opened his mouth to speak or sing, and each time he ran his fingers through his brylcreemed hair or swiveled his hips. His flip-flop of affections between Amber and Tracy provides a cautionary tale. His duet with Tracy, "It Takes Two" is a highlight of the show. This Elvis-want-to-be turns the Wheelock Theatre auditorium into Heartbreak Hotel." -The White Rhino Report


 "....well-matched by Michael Notardonato who brings an earnest swagger to Link and teen-idol vocal chops to his swoon-inducing 'It Takes Two.'"


"...Michael Notardonato as teen idol Link Larkin, who has a perfect crooner voice." -EDGE Boston



"....and Michael Notardonato, as Link Larkin, proves himself to be a strong vocalist, particularly during his solo number sung to (and ultimately with) Tracy, "It Takes Two."-Boston Events Insider

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